Gender: Female

Species: Rabbit

Birthday: November 22

Hieght: 5' 5"

Weight: 134 lb

Bodytype: Average Anthro | Feral

Personality: Brave, "Teacher" personality, confident

Ratings Allowed: Sfw, Gore, Tasteful Nudity

Character ID BLANK.png

LIKES: Pizza, The taste of onions, Teaching, Pears, lime juice, walking with friends, pokemon, Garlic, jackets, outdoors, hiking, magic training, Dry Days, Hiking​

DISLIKES: Onions (they feel weird to eat), Dirty Water

Bio: IMPORTANT: Rabbits Don't have pawpads.
Abilities/Powers: Defensive Magic

Bio: Trace was born in a land of Rolling mountains and Forests. She has some foraging skills, and is knowledgeable about various mountain environments from her travels. Trace has spent a number of years on Adventures across the land. She tends to have partied up with other adventurers as she goes, but never stuck around a single group. She is also a teacher.