TOS (Terms of Service)
Section 1... What I will and Will NOT draw
Section 2... Commissioner’s Terms of Service
Section 3… Rights and Redistribution

Section 1 Wills and Won’ts 

I, the artist that goes by the pen name Uluri, will be specifying content which I will not allow to be asked of me to draw, as well as content I am very comfortable with drawing. Please respect my will, and do not ask me to draw content that is specifically prohibited in the coming paragraphs. Persistent pestering of such topics will result in the potential Commissioner being blacklisted from receiving art from me in the future, and may also result in them becoming blocked on websites the artist resides if it persists. Please read over the Listed Will and Won't Cards before deciding to commission me.

*Mature Content- Content involving themes that may not be found suitable for a younger audience. This includes, but is not limited to Harsh Language, Extreme Violence, Gore, or otherwise controversial themes.

Section 2 Commissioning Terms of Service 

Commissioners are asked to pay for their artwork through Paypal. The commissioner will receive periodic WIPs (Work in progress) images through the creation process when applicable (unless otherwise specified), and one may request a WIP image update at any point in time. The commissioner will receive the fully rendered image only after the Full Payment has been made on the commission. The commissioner may request a partial Refund at any time equal to the amount of work currently complete on the piece. After I, Uluri, have completed the artwork, a refund will no longer be available as the product would be fully rendered and distributed to the commissioner as per the commission’s completion.

The artist has the right to decline or terminate commissions. Commissions that have been terminated are subject to refunds.

Section 3 Rights and Redistributing

The artwork created is copyright to the artist, Uluri. Characters involved in the artwork belonging to commissioner(s) or recipient(s) of the artwork retain their rights to their character(s). Artwork made for the commissioners or recipients of the artwork may be posted, edited, or used by the commissioners or recipients FOR NON PROFIT as long as they do not remove my signature and give proper credit to the artist.


If the commissioner would like to use the artwork for profit, the commissioner can request this through the initial commission email or through email at any time. A fee for use will be discussed through said email. This email will act as the contract for the use of the artwork.

The artist, Uluri, may sell prints and products of the artwork created, as well as use the artwork in art galleries. If the commissioner or recipient of the artwork would rather the artist not to create products with the artwork made for them or post the artwork online or otherwise, they must specify this to the artist.


[TOS Last Updated January 21, 2022] Updated Will/Won't sections

Will Draw

Themes that I Will Draw for commission include any multitude of General, PG-13 to some *Mature Rated content. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Any Species (Human, Kemonimimi, Kemono, Furry, Animals, Monster, Mythical, etc)

  • Any Gender 

  • Any Body Type (As long as it is not Hyper)

  • Babyfur, Kidfur, Loli, and Shota characters

  • Gore (extreme)

  • Micro 

  • Paw/Foot

  • Transformation

  • Size Difference

  • Violence

  • Vore (Hard)

  • Other Themes that Are not 18+

Won't Draw

Themes that I will NOT Draw for commission includes:

  • Abdl (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover)

  • Anal Anything

  • Farts

  • Horses (for personal Reasons. Other hooved animals are fine.)

  • Hyper Anything

  • Macro

  • Pregnancy

  • Scat

  • Tickle Fetish

  • Urine

  • Vomit

  • Vore (Inner Maw Shots)

  • Vore (Soft)

  • Vore (Genital)

  • Sex or Sexualized Themes 18+

    • Heavy Fetish Content, or the goal of the art is Sexual Arousal for the viewer

    • Sexual body fluids