OPEN for 2D Facerig models only

Animation Commissions are $30 USD per Hour

 *Per Hour Means the ACTIVE hours I work on the commission, not how many days it takes. (Example: I work on one commissions 1 hour everyday for three days. The commission is $90 for 3 hours of work.

Click Here for my Terms of Services (TOS) along with my Will/Won’t draws.

Commission Form

Thanks for submitting! You should receive a response within 2 business days via the provided email.

Animation Finish

Sketch: Unfinished lining and no coloring.

Colored: Animation that is Colored and with Finished linework.

Pixel: The final Product is in a pixel format. (Takes the longest time to create)



Animation Format

Icon: 100x100px sized icon (or sized upon request) made to fit icon spaces on websites like Fa and DA.

Scene: Any Animation Project on a canvas not restricted to a square proportion, usually meant for larger scale projects but also includes "Journal Doll" type works.

Sketch                 Colored              Pixel
Icon                           Scene

Facerig 2D Model $300+

Includes the Artwork as a PNG, Psd file of the artwork, and the Model Files to use in Facerig. The artwork is done with mostly flat color and minimum cel shading as a Bust. The Model is rigged for Eye movement, a 5x5 mouth expression set up, Looking left, right, up, and down, and having some Sideways movement as well. I do NOT know how to add hair physics, so i cannot rig Long hairs characters. (I can, but it would be disappointing to not have hair physics on long hair. That's up to you.) You can use your model for Streams and Videos as you would like.

Small and Medium length hair only unless you don't want wooshy hair.

Payment: I am willing to take half or partial payment upfront, and then the rest once the commission is completed. Once I have the full amount, I will give you the files.

Simple Character $300

Average Feral, Anthro, or Humanoid with minimum one set of ears, and simple clothing or markings. Examples of simple characters are a two toned Wolf, a black cat Neko Boy, Eevee from pokemon

Complex Character $400

Characters that include heavy patterning on the face and body, wings, horns, and complex clothing with multiple pieces that will have to be rigged and animated. Examples of a Complex Character include a tabby cat, Tiger, or any intricate face markings, demon boys with horns and wings, Angels, Character wearing 5 hats stacked on top of each other and 2 layers of jackets.