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Comic Commissions are $50 USD per Hour

 *Per Hour Means the ACTIVE hours I work on the commission, not how many days it takes. (Example: I work on one commissions 1 hour everyday for three days. The commission is $150 for 3 hours of work. The comic creation process starts with the requested story being sketched fully as a work in progress before working on finalization of the individual pages. You can view a help video here on how comic commissions work.

Click Here for my Terms of Services (TOS) along with my Will/Won’t draws.

Commission Form

Example Story
*Outside by the pond at night, the stars are out and there is no moon. A few trees in the country side.
Uluri: What are you doing here?
Uluri *sits down*
Kindling: I'm not really sure
Kindling: *Staring at the stars* Do you think my flames can be made out of the stars?


Thanks for submitting! You should receive a response within 2 business days via the provided email.

Comic Format

Page: 2894x4093px with generally three Columns
​Strip: Vertical length Comics with a single panel at a time.

olive Garden 1.png
Page                                         Strip

Comic Finish

B&W: 1-1.5 hrs per page. The comic has finalized
linework and B/W shading. 

Flat Color: No Estimate Hours Yet. ​The comic has
finalized Linework, Color, but no shading

Full Color: 3-6 hrs per page. The comic has Finalized
Linework, Color, and shading

Chiyeko Chronicles Garden 3.png
B & W
Full Color
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