OPEN (Except for Painting/Ref sheets)

My Commissions are $50 USD per Hour

 *Per Hour Means the ACTIVE hours I work on the commission, not how many days it takes. (Example: I work on one commissions 1 hour everyday for three days. The commission is $150 for 3 hours of work.

Commission payment is handled through Paypal. Please be sure to include Visual Reference(s) of the commission subject(s). Note that I am a SFW Artist. (Pg-PG13 + Gore). I will work with you by the hour on these commissions, meaning that you can pay for 1 hour of work and I will complete as far as 1 hour will take me, then you can commission me again for another hour at a later date to complete it further if need be. (You can also pay by 1/2 hour.)

Click Here for my Terms of Services (TOS) along with my Will/Won’t draws.

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Thanks for submitting! You should receive a response within 2 business days via the provided email.

The body chart.png

Sketch ($15-$50+)

  • Headshot  flat price $15

  • Fullbody 0.5 hours ($25)

  • Includes Background 1 hour ($50)

A sketched piece is a digital artwork that does not consist of refined lines. This art is sketched down and left uncolored.

Uluri Miyu Headshot  2017
Headshot (Flat Rate)
Multiple headshots Uluri 2017
Headshot examples
Flaire Ulr 2019
Fullbody 0.5 hours
Efret Uluri 2018
Includes Background 1+ hours

Colored Sketch ($25-$100+)

  • Headshot  flat price $25 

  • Fullbody 1 hours Feral/Monster ($50) | 1.5 hours Humanoid ($75)

  • Includes Background 2+ hour ($100)

A Colored sketched piece is a digital artwork that does not consist of refined lines. This art includes color.

Kaitou Headshot Uluri 2019
Headshot (Flat Rate)
kat36 Uluri 2019
Fullbody Feral 1 hour
Kaitou Uluri 2019
Fullbody Humanoid 1.5 hours
Crystal Cave Uluri 2019
Includes background 2+ hours

Chibi ($15-$25)

  • Halfbody flat price  $15

  • Fullbody 0.5 hours ($25)

A Chibi piece is a digital artwork that is drawn in a cute adorable style. The linework is completed, and the art is flat colored.

Xred PUPPY .png
Halfbody (Flat Rate)
Danielu FIRE bg.png
Fullbody 0.5 hours
Uluri Present Item.png
Fullbody 0.5 hours
Monster Mehenna bg.png
x3 Fullbody 1 hour

Full Color ($50-$200+)

  • Headshot  (Icon) 1 hour  ($50)

  • Fullbody 2.5 hours feral/monster ($125) | 3 hours Humanoid ($150)

  • Includes Background 4+ hour ($200+)


A Full Color piece is a digital artwork drawn with completed linework, and a combination of cel and soft shading. If you are ordering a Full Color piece that includes a Background, please be wary that depending on the environment you choose the price will vary. Full painted background pieces often take anywhere between 4 to 8 hours to complete with a single character in the image.

Uploading Glaceon Icon Uluri 2020
Headshot icon (1 hour)
Veemon Ulur 2018
Fullbody Monster 2.5 hours
Axial Uluri 2017
Fullbody Human 3 hours
Forestof Souls Uluri 2017
Includes Background 4+ hours

Painted ($75-$200+)

  • Headshot  1.5 hours  ($75) 

  • Fullbody 2 hours  ($100) 

  • Includes Background 4+ hour ($200+)


The Painted is a piece that is done in a painterly style. There is no line art in this piece, and the canvas of these works are rather large. If you are ordering a Painted piece that includes a Background, please be wary that depending on the environment you choose the price will vary. Full painted with background, single character pieces often take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours to complete depending on scenery complexity.

Kindling Headshot Uluri 2020
Headshot 1.5 hours
Gray Fox SM super Sig.png
Blandford Fox super sig Small.jpg
Includes Background 4-6 hours

Heavy Line

  • Includes Background 2+ hours ($100)

This work has line art that is stylized in a thick-inked manner. This commission only comes in full color background scenes, and the canvas is sized for wallpaper use on a desktop. The average time to make is anywhere between 2 to 4 hours depending on the project.

Raichu Uluri 2020.png
Dunsparce Uluri 2019

Pixel Art ($60+)

  • Fullbody 2+ hours  ($100+) 

  • Includes Background 3+ hour ($150+)


A Pixel Art piece is a digital artwork drawn on a small canvas generally between 100px and 500px in canvas size upon request. Larger Sized pieces tend to take longer hours to create.

Sylvi Uluri 2018
Shiy Vaporeon Uluri 2017
Tetsrou Uluri 2016
Fullbody Pixel Art 2 hours
Beast Pixel Uluri 2018
pixel pearl Uluri 2019
Includes Background 3+ hours

Reference Sheet ($100 minimum)

  • $50 per Pose +$50 for Wings

Comes with at least 2 visual states and color pallet. Artwork is flat colored for best usability. I work by the hour on reference sheets and would highly prefer if you could join me during a live streaming while I am working on your commission. Since Reference sheets may need more than just a minimum of 2 poses, I work by the hour after the 2 hour mark until the reference sheet is completed if need be. 

Note: I will not take on reference sheet commissions without some form of visual aid. Even if it is a few doodles, something is better than nothing.

Kai Ref clothed Uluri 2018
Munch Ref Uluri 2018
gwyneira Ref Uluri 2017