Gender: Male

Species: Demon (Incubus)

Birthday: March 30

Hieght: 5' 2"

Weight: 133 lb

Bodytype: Athletic

Personality: Rash, Vain, Violent, Sadistic, Manipulative/Abusive (mentally/physically), Bratty, Adrenaline Junky, short fused, Under handed

NSFW info:

Ratings Allowed: Sfw, Gore, Nsfw

Character ID BLANK.png

LIKES: Zozo, Lillin, Fighting, Clothes, Attention, Ghosts, Climbing to high places, Music, Disguises, His hair being played with, praise, treats/presents, being carried, fighting dirty, Gore, Vulpix (alolan), raspberry charlotte, Mushrooms, Meatballs, Custard-y deserts, boeuf bourguignon, Jade, chrysoprase, kunzite

DISLIKES: Zombies, being confined, being picked on for his shortness or feminine looks, getting dirty, Dogs

Abilities/Powers: Specializes in hand to hand combat, Night Vision, Can Touch Ghosts, is a little poor with magic but just barely manages

Magic: Darkness (Darkens Area), Summon Wisp, Shadow Trap (Create Tangible Shadows), Saliva is an Aphrodisiac that works well on Females

Weakness: Pulling His Tail, Shining light in his eyes, Sucks at Swimming, Threatening to call his Brother

Bio: Sin currently lives in a mansion with his adventuring companions from a DnD game being played. He is a cleanly person with a ridiculously nasty personality. He's always up to some sort of trouble. He'll approach you nicely, treat you well, and please you, but be wary he is prone to kidnapping people, and those he kidnaps are usually met with quite a terribly painful remaining life.