Gender: Male

Species: Candlefox

Birthday: January 25

Hieght: 2-3 feet Feral

Weight: 26 lb

Bodytype: plump

Personality: Kind, Hopeful, friendly, helpful. Even in the worst of situations he can find a bright side. They are his treasures and so are his friends. He'll help anyone in need, even his worst enemy. He is very outgoing and loves to make new friends.

Ratings Allowed: Sfw, Candy Gore

Character ID BLANK.png

LIKES: Plant Life, Warm Weather, Sweet/Spicy scents, climbing, open areas, the wind, night time, the color black, Stargazing, Visiting Bakeries​, Tulip trees

DISLIKES: to be added

Abilities/Powers: His Tail Fire is Hot, and so is his purple wax. Can Transform between fox and human.​

Bio: Kindling is Good friends with Uluri. He also has a Sister named Thistle. Kindling was born in the Misc Universe where anything and everything can happen. His favorite thing to do was sit outside at night and watch the stars twinkle in the night. Kindling, as a character, represents the glimmer of hope in the Darkness. Kindling is very self sacrificing and loves to see people happy and smiling. He would do anything to make sure everyone is happy.

Kindling often goes out on Adventures carrying a packpack full of extra lunches just in case he meets new people on his travels. He doesn't travel in search for treasure, but just for the experience. He loves to go out and do things for the Experience, actually.​