Art Trade Guidelines and TOS


What is an Art Trade? Watch this: 


Section 1. Wills and Won’ts

I, the artist who goes by the pen name Uluri, will be listing subjects and themes that I am both comfortable and uncomfortable with drawing for an art trade. You are free to ask about things not specifically listed. If you try to push me to draw content in my “Will Not” list, you will be unable to receive art from me in the future of any kind.


Will NOT Draw

  • Horses (For personal reasons. Other hooved animals are fine)

  • Hyper Anything (fat, muscles, body parts, etc)

  • Soft Vore

  • Sex or Sexualized Themes

    • Heavy Fetish Content where the goal is Sexual Arousal for the viewer

    • Erect penises, cum, or other bodily fluids of the such

    • Snuff (sorry, not comfortable exchanging nsfw art even if I draw it for personal art)


Will Draw

  • Any Species (Human, Kemonomimi, Kemono, Furry, Animal/Feral, monster, Mythical, etc)

  • Any Gender

  • Any Body type (as long as not Hyper)

  • Younger characters

  • Gore / Guro / Blood (and I really like it)

  • Violence


Sections 2. Trade Rules (I refers to Uluri)

  • I will trade with anyone. I don’t care if you just started drawing or have been drawing for years now. Use my character as practice even. It’s all good. 

  • Draw how YOU feel most comfortable

  • Artistic Freedom unless otherwise specified. I don’t mind if you only give me a sketch in return. I simply want to draw. 

  • I Will Accept any type of art in exchange, digital, traditional, music, literature, etc

  • SIGN YOUR ARTWORK! I want to see your username on that art somewhere. 


Section 3. Use of Art Rules

  • Feel free to use, post, or edit my artwork (for non-monetary gain) that I give you through this trade anywhere you like as long as you keep my signature on it and credit my work. My General TOS Section 3 applies to use of Art for more information.

  • In exchange I very much expect the same treatment for me posting, using, editing your artwork made for me. I would like to be able to post and use art that was made for me as well. Credit and Linking to your art profile will be done for you as well.