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Support Uluri's Artwork through their Paypal Tip jar.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Would you like to support Uluri's art and projects? Access to Uluri's project discord which has early artwork, WIPs, and the occasional Ref Drop for the month you've subscribed. Make sure to click "Return to Merchant" after going through the subscription process to gain access to the Discord and other rewards.

Subscribing via Paypal is a replacement option for Patreon. If you would prefer to support projects through a different medium, I also have a Ko-fi and Patreon.

Spud (Supporters $1+)

  • Early Access to Finished Art

  • Early Access to Finished youtube Videos

  • Join Discord (Spud Status)

  • Polls

Master Tater (Supporters $10+)

  • All Previous Rewards

  • Join Discord (Master Tater Roll)

  • Access to WIP Art, Animations, and Videos

  • Private Streams on Projects like the current "Fox Series"

  • 20% discount for Uluri's Teespring Tshirt Designs.

Potato Wizard (Supporters $20+)

  • All previous rewards

  • Join Discord (Wizard Potato Role)

  • 10% Discount on Commissions.

Holy Root and Crazy Potato Currently have no Extra rewards. they are the same as Potato Wizard at this moment.

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