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About the Artist

Q: Can I send you a Gift in real life?
A: Ehhh, I'm a little iffy about that. I'd appreciate gifts, but...

Q: What is your name?
A: Please call me Uluri.

Q: What Gender are you?
A: Gender Nuetral

Q: WHat are your Pronouns?
A: They/Them pronouns are great, He and She are both exceptable, too.

Q: What type of artist are you?
A: I am a Digital Artist who draws mainly cute things, SFW, and Gore. Please read my Content Warnings under the “Art Related” tab for more info.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other?
A: Yes, I am indeed taken.
Q: Where do you live?
A: Sorry, that’s my personal information. *Question skip*

Q: Who is your fursona/persona?
A: Uluri is my 'sona, but I have other main characters. HOWEVER, please understand that Uluri is also a character. That means that not everything Uluri does is me. If I'm talking "IN Character" I'll write it like "Ulu: Does the thing". Otherwise I am "Artist known as Uluri"

Q: Can I be your Friend?
A: If you are about to send me a note that says that, I recommend you stop. People don't become friends by asking to be friends, and that question will most likely make it awkward to interact with you from then on.

Q: Do you go to any Conventions?
A: Not very often. I do frequent Anthrocon if I have the chance.

Q: Hey, don't you run The-Eevee-Kingdom on DeviantArt?
A: I do. If you have any kingdom related questions, I'd appreciate them being asked to the group instead of me.

Q: Are you a furry?
A: Yes. I enjoy animals and cartoons, and also enjoy how accepting and caring the community is. Therefore, I’ll call myself a Furry.

Q: What are some Topics I can Easily talk to you with? (Conversation Starters)
A: Food, pokemon, art, anime/manga (fantasy, idekai, psychological, and Trash), Pets of many kinds.

Q: What are topics that Aren't the best for talking with you?
Sad topics, Personal/Family topics, soft vore, fetishy conversations other than my listed interest. I thank you for your kindness on avoiding these subjects.

Q: What are your favorite Kinks/fetishes in art?
I enjoy Gore and Snuff art. I also like teeth (not vore, teeth). We'll leave it at that.

Art Related

Q: Do You have any Content Warnings for Your Art?
YES, although I post mostly SFW art, my nsfw content can involve Keywords and Themes such as Gore, Snuff, Rape, and Abuse. Please visit the Artsite Faqs Tab for more Information about which sites contain which content.

Q: You made me art, Can I post it somewhere?
Yes you may. If I have drawn for you, you have the ability to post and edit that artwork where you like as per my TOS.

Q: You DID NOT make me art, can I post your art somewhere?
Note Me to ask first. I do not want people who are not owners of the art or characters to be reposting my artwork unless it says "Free for use/sharing" in the description. If I find someone posting artwork they are not allowed to share, I will most likely end up having to DMCA the post. TuT Plz ask first.

Q: I found an Art Thief using your work! What do I do?
Note me, and then leave the suspected art thief alone. DO NOT report them; That is my job to determine if they are in fact an art thief. DO NOT threaten or harass them. You are no better a person if you are being a bully. Here’s a Journal about why: [DeviantArt Link] Q: NFTs? A: No. If you see someone selling NFTs of my art, they are a scammer. If you want art from me that belongs to you, commission me.
Q: Can I ask for a Commission?
Please check my Commissions Listing at the top to see if I am open or Closed. Links are in the Ask below, or under my Commission tab at the top of my website navigation.

Q: What are your Prices?
Here ya Go: [Art Prices Link] [Comic Prices Link] [Animation Prices Link] [YCHs]
Q: Can I ask for an Art Trade?
Yes, message me through contacts, and Please read my Trade TOS

Q: Can I ask for Requests?
No. I do not do request art/free art. "But you draw art for people all the time!" They aren't requests. I am drawing for people who's characters I really wanna draw at that moment. They don't ask for it. I am shoving my art forcibly down their eyeholes. "Gift Art" is what you are seeing.

Q: Do you draw NSFW?
I only draw Personal Art for nsfw.

Q: Can you draw me NSFW? For Commission?
No. I only draw that stuff for myself. Even if you see someone else's character is in it, that is because I only draw nsfw for myself. NSFW art is not available for commissions nor trades. It MAY be available as YCHs though.
Q: What Species do you draw?
All of them, though I am really apprehensive about drawing horses for personal reasons. I will draw Human/Humanoid, canine, feline, rabbit, rodent, avian, reptile, aquatics, weasels, hooved creatures, monsters and more.

Q: What Body types do you draw?
Whatever the character is suited as. Feral, anthro, Kemono, and Feral-Anthro for your animal guys. But I enjoy Feral-anthro the most. On Body-build, I will draw all types as long as it isn't "Extreme" as Bodybuild is a part of a character. If your OC is chunky, It'll be chunky. If your Character is Small, they will be small. It's important.

Q: What do you use to Make Art?
I use a Cintiq 13HD Wacom Tablet to draw with. The art Programs I use Range from): Clip Studio Paint for Artwork, Photoshop CC for editing some gifs, Live2D for Rigging 2D facerig models. I have previously used Paint Tool Sai and FireAlpaca. If you are interested in a free art program, I highly recommend Firealpaca. I think Clip is better than Sai, and Clip also goes on sale a lot.

Q: Hey, one of your Artworks isn't rated correctly. What should I do?
Please send me a note so I can fix that. Accidents happen.

Q: Hey, I don't think you should post [X artwork] on this site. What should I do?
Please send me a note RIGHT AWAY! I would really appreciate it. I am very thankful to those who can inform me of something like that.

Q: Do you Delete your art?
No. I believe that it is very important to be able to look back on old art. I can also super reassure you I will NEVER delete artwork I made for another person if i can. Q: Can you Help me Price my Art?
Here is a helpful guide with three different pricing Methods: [Link]

Q: Can you Help me with Art?
Tag your Art Tutorial: [Link] || Pros/Cons to Art Interactions (Coms/Trades/Free): [Link] || Using CLipping Layers + Stabilizers: [Link] || Referencing + Gestures: [Link] You can send me a note or Ask me during a Live Stream on Picarto! I'll do my best to explain and grant tutorials. Can't guarantee it will help. For now I’ll write you this. #1 Use Photo references. #2 Gesture Drawings and Sketches are helpful, so don’t go right into final lines. #3 Shade with colors instead of black (Dark blues, Reds, browns, purples, Pinks). #4 Study out of your comfort zone. If you can’t draw [insert species] well, but want to, you need to try drawing them. Especially use Photo References for your studies, and don’t focus on finishing a study, rather get it down (Try 15 minute sketch studies). Q: Do you do photography?
I have a Photography account on DeviantArt (Rejitsu), and photos I put up there are also free for use as well. Sharing the photography love. Q: What do you use to record your art Videos?
I use OBS for recording. I use Davinci Resolve for Video Editing.

All Websites Uluri Resides

If you are concerned that someone is impersinating me, or would like to follow me on other social medias, here is a list of sites that I am on. The following are Help Guides: ♥ = Sfw ♦ = Sfw/Gore ♣ = Sfw/Gore/Nsfw • = DEAD ◪ = Has Blacklist Function _______________________________________ Active Websites
FurAffinity (Main) DeviantArt (Main) ◪ InkBunny (Main) ◪ NewGrounds ◪ Pixiv (Sfw) WeasylYoutube (Animation Projects & Games) Picarto (Live Streams)
Business Websites Patreon (Project and Support)
Ko-Fi (Donations)
RedBubble (Print Shop) T-Spring (Print Shop) ♦ My Website (You're Here) Semi Active Websites Amino (Art) Amino (Furry) ArtFight (Yearly art Trades and RPs) ComicFury FurryNetwork ◪ (Postybirb Posts) Pillowfort ◪ (postybirb Posts) SoFurry ◪ (Postybirb Posts) SoundCloud Tapas Twitter ♦ Webtoons Inactive Websites Amino (Furry Portuguise) Amino (Furry Art) Amino (Pokemon) ArtStation
Drawception (XD Fun Art Game)
Furrific ◪ (Postybirb Posts)
FurryLife ◪
Medibang ARTSITE
Reddit SmackJeeves Tumblr
• VRchat (Steam Game) as Uluri

About Uluri's Characters

Q: Is [X Character] a Pokemon or [insert any fandom here]?
Does it have "Pokemon or [insert fandom]" in the tags/keywords section? No? Then it is not. I list my OCs species on their Official references as well LISTED BELOW.

Q: You said you have a few main characters. Who are they?
Refer to [This List Link]

Q: Do you have Other Characters?
Yes, they can be found here under "Other" by scrolling down the page: [Link]

Q: Can I draw your OCs?
Yes you may. I love seeing my OCs drawn by others! As gift art or commissions is fine. If you want to do a YCH including my OC in a Spot and raffle/sell the other spots, please ask me first, but I generally like this idea. I'll advertise the Fudge out of it, too. Please see individual characters' content rating limits.

Q: Can I draw your OCs with mine?
Yes you may. I love this even more! Like, this I love the best because it’s awesome. Please see individual characters' content rating limits.

Q: Can I draw your OCs in NSFW art?
ONLY the characters that have NSFW written next to their permissions. please read their nsfw ref sheet for more info on what nsfw content theya re allowed in. Sin is a Yes.

Q: What about GORE?
Yes. I really love gore. And Guro. Guro is sexy. Gore is flippen yes. Please see individual characters' content rating limits.

Q: Can I RP with you?
I am okay with In-Character commenting, but I am not up for RP sessions. So, No.

Q: Can I ask your OCs things?
Yes. Asks are fun, and you may ask any of my OCs ANYTHING including nsfw questions: [Link]

Q: Sin does really bad and questionable things. Do you agree with that sort of stuff?
No. Sin is a BAD GUY, and he does bad things. Just because I draw him doing something, doesn't mean it is something I approve of someone doing. Rape, murder, and the like are bad things. Don't do those things, guys.

Other Questions

Q: Yo, did you Block me? Why?
Because I don't want to interact with you. There could be a number of reasons. Treating me or others poorly, leaving nasty comments on my works or to other people, Spam, pestering for free art multiple times despite being told not to, asking constantly for content i explicitly say I won't create for people, and plenty others.

Q: Can I ask more questions?
Yes please. If you have a question that is not answered here, [send me a note].

Q: What is furry to you?
"To Be Yourself" is what I feel it means to be a furry. And it's as easy as Considering yourself or the character one. That's it. That's all you need. If you be a feral/anthro/human/kimonomimi, and you say you are furry, you are furry. Same goes the other way around.

Q: Why do you put ▲🌱 in your journals on some art sites?
It is an advertisement technique to make my content stand out from the rest. You noticed it enough to wonder about it, right?

Q: Can I add you on Discord, Facebook, Skype, other instant messengers?
No, I do not add people to instant messenger type platforms unless I personally know them. This is to avoid people who think "Instant messenger means the other person needs to reply instantly". Please send me notes instead, as I will respond to you at the exact same pace as I would have no matter what.